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Men & Women

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  1. KnittedKnitted This woman’s decorative facial scarring identifies her clan and her tribe. This style is unusual for Dinka, who generally use a pattern of parallel lines across the forehead. She is married to a Dinka man and may be from the Nuer tribe. The crocheted hat is made locally—the art is called Biri. The texture in the hat reflects that in her face.
  2. GOSS Army CaptainGOSS Army Captain This officer is from Nubian—from the Nuba Mountains in South Sudan. He is responsible for the Government of South Sudan Soldiers guarding the village of Duk Payuel as refugees return from camps to rebuild their homes.
  3. ColorColor Women in Africa show their sense of style and color with the simplest of wraps and scarves. This scarf was a bright orange and turquoise, but removing all but the orange from the image emphasized her expression.
  4. FierceFierce This woman’s expression reminded me of a Native American warrior.
  5. FrownFrown This Dinka woman’s forehead scars are typical of some clans.
  6. Joseph at the WellJoseph at the Well Joseph Akol Makeer remembers his childhood in this village before the war. This well was once in active use, but when the villagers returned after the war they found the skeletons of their tribesman who had been thrown into the well and left to die by the soldiers sent from the North.