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Kakuma Refugee Camp

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  1. ButterflyButterfly About two dozen orphan girls, unable to attend school regularly, attended a remedial program during the month long school break in December. Joseph Akol Maker and John Dau (author of God Grew Tired of Us and one of the Lost Boys profiled in the GGTU documentary) encouraged them to seek education and delay marriage and child-bearing. The girls said they had no access to books, paper, or pencils, and they worried what would happen to them when they returned to their homeland. Without parents, they no longer have access to education.
  2. Mother & ChildMother & Child This mother cares for her burned child in the pediatric ward at Kakuma Refugee Camp hospital.
  3. Mosquito NettingMosquito Netting A child in the pediatric ward at Kakuma Hospital. Most children were accompanied by a mother or siblings who often shared a bed as there were few chairs. Some sick or injured children shared beds as there weren’t enough to go around. All the patients wore street clothes, and it wasn’t always easy to tell which child was the patient.
  4. NewbornNewborn The mother and father were pleased to show off their newborn for this photo at the Kakuma Refugee Camp Hospital.
  5. BreastfeedingBreastfeeding Even the baby was curious about the camera as we walked through the Kakuma Refugee Camp.
  6. Cooking InjeraCooking Injera Joseph Akol Makeer’s cousin, Adhieu Madhier Anyang, cooks Injera, a spongy sourdough pancake made from Teff that serves as the bread of Ethiopia. In Sudan, it is made from Sorghum and called Kisra. Here at the camp she is probably using a mixture of sorghum and wheat flour. Adhieu is preparing for a feast celebrating the visit of Lost Boys—Joseph, John, Dau, and Jacob Kuai—to the camp.