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  1. BashfulBashful Many of the Sudanese boys are quite bold, often pushing other children out of the way to get in front of my camera, but this boy was shy.
  2. ReflectionReflection This little boy played near our campsite. My image is reflected in his eyes along with trees and other passersby.
  3. ToothbrushToothbrush This boy is using a stick from the Bel tree to brush his teeth. Dinka people typically chew the stick until frayed and use it as both brush and floss. The teeth of most Dinkas gleam with white, though this boy has perhaps missed a few brushings.
  4. Big SmileBig Smile Ahh, those beautiful Sudanese teeth.
  5. Water BoyWater Boy Children and women are the primary water bearers in the village. Some walk miles with their burdens as there are few wells.
  6. Smiley FaceSmiley Face Many children suffer from upper respiratory illnesses and chronic runny noses. This little boy seemed undaunted by his crusted nose, playing and laughing with his friends by our campsite near the clinic.
  7. Boy in Gray & BlueBoy in Gray & Blue The dust on this boy camouflages him in the entrance to this school hut where an industrious student had practiced writing a number on the wall. Large tin cans and tree branches serve as seating inside the school and out.
  8. School BoysSchool Boys These boys mugged for the camera inside of the large mud huts that serve as village schools.
  9. Lined UpLined Up Chol Tuet is a village chief. Here he speaks at the children’s program held in honor of Duk Payuel.
  10. SquattingSquatting This happy boy was one of the children who came for the food and children’s program we sponsored.
  11. StripesStripes Bold black and white stripes made up part or all of the dresses of several village girls.
  12. FadedFaded The description could apply to the boy’s shirt, but his skin seemed faded compared to the rich dark coloring of most of the children. A coating of ash, coupled with the lighting may have contributed to his faded look.
  13. LaceLace This girl’s head covering is unusual for Sudanese girls. Her downward gaze, however, is very common.
  14. GlanceGlance Most young Dinka girls have shaved heads. A few wear braids or scarves. I was particularly taken by this girl’s glance my way because she never turned her head.
  15. Crossed ArmsCrossed Arms
  16. ShyShy
  17. Orphan GirlOrphan Girl This girl’s dress is entirely hand-stiched in big loose stitches.
  18. Close-upClose-up This little girl wore a bright blue dress with floral strip across the bodice and a large yellow bow, but her direct gaze drew me to her face.
  19. Boy & FruitBoy & Fruit This Sudanese boy at the Kakuma Refugee Camp is eating a locally grown fruit.
  20. ScreenedScreened
  21. QuestioningQuestioning
  22. [Title][Title]
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  24. [Title][Title] This boy often played near the clinic where we pitched our tents. Because some people use ash to decorate their faces, I asked Joseph if this is what this boy had done. Joseph said “no, he is just dirty”.